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You Make My Day Award

Perhaps it's not such a bad day today after crafting stash for Mothers' Day, haven't been taken out to lunch nor had one made for me BUT I did get two very sweet handmade cards, three daffodils from our garden(!), a magazine (from Lewis's own pocket money!) and a luke warm cup of very strong black coffee all brought up to me on a tray in bed!! Bless them!! Plus, I also received this award from Tara. Thanks Tara, it really is appreciated :) I now, in turn, have to award this to five people and I've chosen Fran because not only is she inspirational but she also makes me laugh!, Denise my great blogging buddy in the States whose work I admire greatly, Katharina, another hugely talented lady, Jackie who reminds me so much of myself (!) and last but by no means least, Annie who not only does great work but is always ready to help.


Frances said…
Aww, that's so sweet, I wanna see their cards!

Thanks for the award - just hope that's laughing in a good way :/ !

Funny Fran x
Jackie said…
You lucky lady!

Thank you so much for my award. It's a lovely end to my day. xx
Denise ~ said…
Thanks Jo! You're too sweet. You've made my day with this award. I love that we have become friends! It's been great chatting and sharing ideas through the blogs. I look forward to it everyday!

Sounds like a nice Mother's day. Happy Mother's Day to you! I bet those cards from the boys will be a treasured gift. Lucky too that you already have daffodils in the garden, definitely no fresh flowers here! :) Hope you had a wonderful day. Hugs! :)
Denise ~ said…
Right back at you! :)
ink'n'rubba said…
thank you so much for the award! I'll get around to putting on my blog later today. annie x
Katharina said…
Thanks for awarding me Jo. That's so sweet of you! I can just give the compliment back!

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