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Another Award and I'm Expecting!!!

I've received a You Make My Day Award from my pal Tara, thank you so much Tara and sorry it's taken me a little while to put on my blog but slipped behind a bit and am now catching up. In turn, I'd like to pass this on to three ladies who make my day...... Denise whose friendship I really enjoy and look forward to our e-mails, Fran who not only is a great crafter but also makes me giggle and last but by no means least, Vanessa, my partner in crime in the "B Team"!!! She knows what I mean!!

Sue at Slumber Cards is offering some blog candy and all you have to do is enter a photo of your favourite Spring tree or Spring plants in your garden. Well, I actually went out and tidied our garden today and mowed the lawn and thought it was a bit bare because the daffodils are dying off now and then I noticed my pride and New Zealand Tree Fern (or that's what I think it's called) and it's having babies which means Spring must be here!!

This plant is truly wonderful.....the babies are all curled up and hairy and gradually uncurl until they look like this......

.....only these are last year's leaves so they don't look so bright and green as the new ones will.

Off to cook some tea for Sam now as Lewis is at his friend's house and won't be home until much later. Needless to say, it is extremely peaceful here with just the one child!!!


Suzanne said…
Thanks for playing Jo and what a clever title that will have everyone guessing!! Good luck Sue :o)
Frances said…
Blimey, thought it was the immaculate conception for a minute there!

Love the big fern not sure about the babies, look like big hairy spiders (hubby has a phobia, hmm, maybe I should get one *insert wicked laugh*) Oh and thanks for the award :D
nessy said…
" i love it when a plan comes together" lol
sorry just had to !! hows the gold hanging??
thanks for the award!!! you have made me laugh today!!!
although i think more dads army!!
vanessa xx
Denise~ said…
You're the sweetest Jo! You make my day too! :) Thanks for making me smile :)
Sarah said…
For a minute I thought you were going to say that you were expecting!!!
xx :0)

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