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Sorry I'm Late!

I know I promised to post the last PIF yesterday but had a chaotic kind of day and today I'm not feeling very well at all. Thought I just had a head cold but as the day progressed, shivers set in and I've been curled up on the sofa with a blanket and the heating on......the funny thing is, it's a beautiful day here today...quite mild and very sunny, so something is not right with me!! We've got to go out this evening as well when all I want to do is go to bed.......where's my husband when I need him most!!!

This morning was Sam's assembly at school. They are so cute to watch and it makes you realise how much they are actually learning. Thought I'd share a picture with you - sorry it's not too good but I'm still using my Sister's camera.

Do you like the hat?!!! Can you guess what the theme of the assembly was? The Great Fire of London of course!! Anyway, it was excellent and they all enjoyed themselves.

Now to the final PIF (breathes a BIG sigh of relief!!). The first three people to leave a comment on this post will receive a PIF from me but I would like to show you what I got from Laura.

I'm almost keeping on top of them.....was hoping to make the last three today but didn't feel up to it so hoping I'll improve tomorrow and have a go then. One thing which did make me smile today (apart from Sam in his hat!) was I received a You Make My Day award from Jo one of my SBS-13 sisters. Thank you Jo and you can take it right back because you always make my day with your cheerfulness and enthusiasm!

Off to get the boys ready for Tae Kwon-do now so will catch up later.


Sarah said…
Hope you feel better soon.
xx :0)
KTluv said…
Just found your blog and right in time too! lol Hope that you get to feeling better and thanks for the chance to PIF!
Jose said…
Sorry you arent feeling weel Jo, pity Im not a bit nearer... Glad Sam enjoyed his assembly, and you did a good job with the photo.
ink'n'rubba said…
hope you feel better soon, sound like you might be coming down with the flu, so take care of yourself. annie x
Suzanne said…
Oh Jo look after yourself Hun!! hope you feel better soon. Sue :o)
Denise ~ said…
Hi Jo, Hope you're feeling better real soon! Nothing worse than being sick when there's no daddy at home to help out. Sam looks adorable in his hat, sounds like a fun assembly. Have a super weekend. :)
Frances said…
Aww what a cutie. Hope it's not flu and just a bug (or maybe it;s PIFoverloadyitus :)!!). Take care of yourself!

Fran xx
Coley said…
Lovely blog, your cards and creations are amazing - also excellent list of list of shops on here - I have just found a new one!
Back soon and hope youa re feeling Hope you feel better soon - where are those images from Laura from????
fairymadjo said…
hi jo , hope you feel better soon, jo x

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