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Christmas Gifts

These are the last of my makes for Christmas...a few Christmas presents. First off, I made a couple of hearts for two of my Sisters and managed to sneak a third in for myself! Next on the list was a plaque for one of my Sisters for her Craft Room (I have one of these for myself as well but haven't made it up yet!). I also made a couple of Fairy Doors for my Great Nieces who are six and eight.  I wasn't sure how they would react to them but apparently, they absolutely loved them and wanted to know if there were any fairies behind the doors! Very slightly different, but here's Lola's with the lights off and on... ...and Ruby's with the lights off and on! Finally, another Christmas box decoration which a friend asked me to make after seeing the one I made recently... Unfortunately, I didn't complete all the decorations I have to make but hopefully, will make them over the coming months so it'

Christmas Decorations

As you will have guessed, I really love the designs from Anna Marie Designs so thought I would have a go at some decorations for my house.  Didn't manage to do them all so will have a go at the rest during the year when there is less pressure to complete them! These are individual squares which can be displayed however you please or hung on the tree. The next is a wreath for my lounge door made from die cut paper flowers and natural fibre. I added a candle to the sleigh and some fairy lights (which are not shown in the photo). This one is a little birdhouse, complete with robin, which I later filled the hole with tiny fairy lights. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this next project...another birdhouse and a smaller wreath for the centrepiece of the dinner table. Finally, the last three decorations which I complete Christmas Eve evening!  Unfortunately, I dropped the snowman and the robin's

Catch Up Time!

It's been a bit of a battle getting ready for Christmas this year as I had to have an operation at the beginning of December which took longer than anticipated to recover from.  However, I made it, even if I was still making Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve! This post is to share the different designs of cards I made... After seeing this card demonstrated, I thought it would be relatively straightforward and ideal for batchmaking - how wrong could I be!  So fiddly and took me ages to clean the die each time so settled on six in the end! I settled for this card for the batchmaking process as being off ill and unable to do much, I found it relaxing to sit with a lap tray colouring.  However, it wasn't without its problems - unfortunately, the only cards I had in this size were not made of super smooth card stock so the alcohol pens had a tendency to bleed! I love this cute image but my colouring isn't too good! All