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More PIFs and Tagged!

Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days but have been trying to catch up with various jobs. Hope to be able to visit some blogs tonight and see what everyone has been up to.

Have been tagged twice more by my SBS-13 Sisters Jo and Gia.....thanks girls! The tag is the one I completed last Thursday under "Catching Up" so if you want to know the answers, take a peek.

Got a bit of a shock this morning (a nice one I might add!), got three PIFs in the post!! which means I've got alot more folders to make!! What I've decided to do is show one each day so it will give me time to prepare some little goodies to send out, so this is the first one:

I've been eyeing up these images for a while so thanks Jilli!! She also made me a folder to put them in........I've been promising to make a couple for myself but just haven't had time because I've been making so many for other people so that will come in very handy Jilli!

The first three people to leave a comment on this post will receive a little "something" from me. Don't worry if you miss out, there will be another two in the next couple of days. I really must take care when I leave comments.....don't get me wrong, I love receiving these gifts but I'm not having alot of time for cardmaking because I'm making folders etc to send out!!!!


Gia Harvey said…
Yay, I'm the first one (I hope!)

Images look fun Jo.

Karen said…
Ooooh I'm second ! Never done a PIF before: Looking forward to it. Going off to think of what to pass on myself now...
Hilmarose said…
LOL.. I would like to do yours too!
Denise ~ said…
Jo, take the next comment for the PIF, I just wanted to say how great your blog looks. I love that new header! So cute! Great PIF too, you're so good with these. :)
Richelle said…
HI there...cute images..

Richelle SBS 13
nessy said…
fantastic pif - where have you been?? for being such a nice person ( and for living just up the road!!LOL)i am awarding a "you make my day" -found on my blog!!
vanessa xx
Julia said…
Love your new look blog and the banner is cute too!

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