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Blog Candy Entries

Good morning everyone and what a day!! It's blowing a gale and raining! I'm sat in the conservatory at the moment and it feels like the roof is gonna come off...I suppose that is the downside of living with the sea right behind your house!!
Well, today is the final day of my blog candy contest so you've still got time to enter if you would like to win a Magnolia stamp. I can't believe how many people have been such good sports and entered!! Also, I can't believe how much my counter has jumped in the last couple of weeks - it's now up to 3,600!!!

I thought I would show you all the entries I've had 'cause I've also had a couple by e-mail. They are all wonderful!! One thing I have learned from looking at them is that I definitely need to buy more stash!!!!



Lisa B



Edna (Rosietoes)

Julie (Julie's Crafty Corner)


Lisa Wyatt

Julie (Juliejules)






The competition will end at 5.00 pm tonight and then Lewis and Sam will pick a winner and I will announce it tomorrow. Good luck everyone!


Sarah said…
Just wanted to say how much I've loved having a nose at everyone's craft space/room!! But then I'm a nosy moo anyway! Makes me realise I need more stash too!! Can't wait to see who wins!
ink'n'rubba said…
wow there are some tidy crafters out there! and some with way more stash than I have, phew, I don't feel nearly so guilty now!
Jilli said…
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who creates a mess!
All Pink girl said…
O M G lol, thank god there is some photos worse than mine LOL,
but i would love to go and live and there house ,Dawnxx
Han said…
Hi me again I have sent you an award please see my blog xx
leann said…
I did take a pic for you Jo, but just as I was about to post it I realised my DT card for Tilda & co's next challenge & the next ribbon kit from RibbonMad were sat right in the middle of my desk...duh!
x x x
Nikki said…
Oooh I feel all inferior and hard done by looking at some of those wonderful rooms!
Jackie said…
I love looking at other people's craft spaces :) Mine looks like a bomb has hit at the moment :?

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