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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good night last night and that there aren't too many bad heads today! It was a quiet night for me and I was in bed before Midnight, however, I didn't miss it because the fireworks and the boat horns woke me up (we are VERY near to the water!!). Didn't feel like making a big fuss of it this year as Tony wasn't here and it was also our anniversary - we met fourteen years ago on New Year's Eve. Anyway, in a better mood today and what a busy morning I've had. Woke up to a beautiful sunny day - what a great start to the year! Have done the washing, taken all the decorations down (yippee!!) and totally spring cleaned the conservatory where the majority of decorations and toys were. You would have smiled if you had seen me - cleaning windows and hoovering with Abba (yes, Abba!!) playing full blast on the stereo!

Thought I'd share this card with you - it's similar to the others I've been loading over the last couple of days and it's cheeky old Fluffles again! It was only when I'd put the card together that I realised the wording on the image wasn't so good but hey, what the heck!

Back to cooking the roast, got little mouths to feed!


Kim said…
Very pretty card Jo, and nothing a bit of black gel pen wouldn't sort out in the wording....
Jackie said…
Lovely card Jo
Frances said…
Happy New Year Jo!

Love your latest batch of cards (cat on the scales brought a smile to my face & it's a PB stamp I don't have, hmmm can feel my credit card getting nervous lol)

See you've been spending, join the club! - did you get some of the new Penny Black spring releases, I couldn't resist!
Hope you like your bellas, but need to warn you, they are very 'collectible' too!!!

SmilynStef said…
Adorable ... sometimes that sentiment is right for a birthday ... just depends on the year.
** Isa ** said…
Happy new year to you too Jo... Lovely card.


Isa x

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