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Sorry I haven't been around for a while but I've been suffering! Suffering from lack of mojo. Don't know if it's because the boys are off this week and just haven't got the time but that doesn't usually stop me. Just can't seem to get myself going in the creative way this week. I sat down last night with a stamped image and thought "come on Jo, just do a bit of colouring". So I got my Prismas out and put them away again after 15 minutes because I started sharpening the ones I wanted to use and one of them kept breaking off which was making me very angry!! Does anyone else have that problem with them......that's the second one now. I get very uptight about it because they're meant to be high quality and they're not cheap!!

Anyway, enough of the moaning! Something really nice has happened to me.....I got the Excellence Award again from Fran! I love visiting her blog 'cause her work is fantastic and I really enjoy speaking to her because she really does make me laugh and makes me spend too much money!!! In fact, I've just ordered quite a bit of paper which I blame totally on her LOL!!!

Well, I have got something to show today which I made a couple of weeks ago. I used it to send some Magnolia images to my blogging buddy Denise but she's now received them so I can post a photo of it.

The design of the book is by Claudia of Pretty Pressings and her instructions were so good that once I had chosen the papers, it only took me a very short time to make.

Must get a move on with the kids' breakfast as they've got a friend coming over today and I said I would take them all out! Hope you all have a good day wherever you are :)


ink'n'rubba said…
hope you survive the day out with the kids! and love the little packet you made for the Magnolia images.
Jose said…
looks really lovely Jo, I am sure Denise was thrilled with it
Suzanne said…
lovely way to send images to someone!! Hope you find your Mo Jo soon !!! SUe :o)
Han said…
I also have that problem with my prismas sometimes. I have sent your PIF today so you should get it 2morrow xx
Denise ~ said…
I'm so happy that you posted these great pictures! I've just finished posting this super awesome gift on my blog. I only posted a quick photo, so I'm happy that people can come over here and see the whole book. You've made a beautiful art piece!

This is truly a wonderful gift, I just LOVE it! Thank you so much Jo! :)
All Pink girl said…
Jo this is out standing fabulous work ,Dawnxx
Katharina said…
I know the Mojo problem just too well Jo :) But it will go away in no time, you'll see.
The image booklet is really gourgeous, I love the colours you used and the little Tilda!
Jackie said…
I hope you've had a fab day!!

Denise is a very lucky lady, it's beautiful :)

If you find your mojo, will you ask it if it has seen mine please
Andrea, said…
Wow this is a fab little book, lovely way to send the images. Hope you get your mojo back soon
Sarah said…
Hope the mojo comes back! The book is beautiful, I'm sure your friend loved it and will treasure it. Sarah :0)
Frances said…
Well I was doing o.k until today but think my mojo's being led astray by yours or they've gone shopping together :D

Remember to share all your goodies on your blog when you get them - I like to get my fix anyway I can LOL

Fran x
p.s love the book, so mojo couldn't have gone far :p
Leah said…
Such a cute book, love the papers you used. Sometimes I think our mojo just needs a break:) I know I can't find mine all the time either...don't worry, I'm sure it will be back soon!
** Isa ** said…
Hi Jo! I think your mojo and mine have run off together! Lol!!! This is gorgeous though and I love the color combo.

Have a great week end

Hugs xxx
Lesli said…
Great project - I can understand missing your mojo - I am trying to find mine tonigh!
Jilli said…
What a fab gift! Denise is very lucky! Its beautiful!

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