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Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers - 13

Well I've bitten the bullet and decided to join an SBS group. I've been thinking about it for a while now so I'm now one of the "Sisters"!!

We have to write a short getting to know you post so here goes!

My name is Jo King (yes, it really is!!), I'm 44 years old and proud of it :) and married to Tony with two beautiful boys, Lewis (10) and Sam (5). Tony at present, works in Australia and has been there just over a year but all being well, will be returning to the UK sometime this year......don't worry you will all know about it as soon as I know the date!!! I live in Weymouth, a small town on the south coast of England and am lucky enough to be a SAHM.

I started cardmaking about four or five years ago but when I look back at what I made, it makes me cringe!! I love stamping and shopping for stash (not necessarily in that order!) and I also enjoy scrapbooking and altering items. I love blog hopping and find all the blogs out there totally inspirational.......there are so many talented people about.

I won't bore you any more(!) and look forward to meeting all the Sisters!


Angie C said…
Hi Jo,

Just thought I'd pop over to say hello

angie sbs-13
Richelle said…
HI JO! I also love shopping for stash and hopefully they all become cards, art sometimes I think I am more addicted to the shopping part than the card making you later :)
She said…
Hi Jo. I am a King too!!

SBS-13 :-)
fairymadjo said…
hi jo,
i'm the other jo lol
and one of the SBS13.
i love shopping am always buying
jo x
Jackie said…
Well done you.

I've just come to tell you that you've been tagged...........but I won't bother cos you've just done it :)

Fab work, by the way.
Denise ~ said…
Have fun with your new blogging sisters, Jo! I love the group of girls I'm with, it's been lots of fun. :)
Lesley said…
Hi from another sister!! Great blog! xxx

Karen said…
Hey sister! Great blog.

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