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What a great morning.....the sun is out and the postman has brought me two parcels! One was a MSE storage box for my unmounted stamps, such as Magnolias etc., so now I can try and organise myself a bit and get them sorted out. The second package was two more Magnolias from Sir Stampalot......well, I do need to fill up my box now!!......couldn't get over how quickly they arrived - I only ordered them yesterday afternoon!

Also, I received a gorgeous card and goodies from Annie for her PIF. The card is so sweet and the colouring is fantastic. I'm off up to Dorchester in a mo to try and get some Sansodor so I can have a play with my Prismas this weekend and if my colouring ends up half as good as Annie's, I shall be well chuffed!!

Now it's my turn to do the PIF, so the first three people to leave comments on this post will receive some goodies from me.

Off to Dorchester now and then we're going to the Sea Life Centre as a treat for the boys!


leann said…
How lucky are you? These look fab :)
Han said…
These do look gorgeous - hope you have a fab day with kids at least the sun is shinning. xx
elisa said…
These are absolutely lovely.Elisa.x
Kim said…
Awwwww how pretty, I really must get my pif's sent out, just been sooo busy with the magazine and my unwanted lodger the cold!!!
Denise ~ said…
Great treats! Hope you found a lot of new stuff of your shopping trip. We've just got in from a full day, I'll email you tomorrow. Hope it's been a nice weekend so far! :)
Jackie said…
You lucky girl :)
** Isa ** said…
Lovely goodies and gorgeous card your received there!

Hugs xxx
Denise ~ said…
Hi Jo...I've given you an award! Check out my blog for details...:)

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