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Early start today even though it's a Sunday, but to be honest, now the boys have finished school, I've lost all track of what day it is. They're off to their nativity dress rehearsal at the Church so I'll have a couple of hours to try and wrap their presents while they're out of the house(!) so thought I would post this now while I've got the chance.

Don't mean to be morbid, but this time of year does make you think about the people who are not here and thought I'd post this scrapbook layout of myself and my best friend Anny. Unfortunately, Anny died of cancer in May 2006 but rather than dwell on that, I like to look through this scrapbook I made her for Christmas 2005 and have a giggle! This page really does make me chuckle - we used to have such a good laugh on holiday together. I haven't got a photo of me on my blog yet but if you knew me, you would realise that this photo was taken a long time ago before babies!! I wish I was that size now! Never mind diet is starting (AGAIN!) in the New Year. (By the way, I'm the one on the left!) Happy memories!


Mistylynn said…
Very cute page. TFS!
Misty in New Mexico
Mistylynn said…
Sorry to hear about your friend... yes, this time of year does do that.
Jose said…
Nice to look back on old times, and fun times for you two I bet.

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