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Little Donkey!

Had a day off from cardmaking today. Managed to finish the last of my Christmas cards last night and they are now all written and sealed and some have even been delivered!

Had a lovely day. This morning was spent watching Sam's nativity play and he was the donkey!!! and what a gorgeous donkey he was! The pictures didn't turn out very well in that every one of them has red eye and I can't get rid of it with the tool on Paint Shop Pro - never mind, he still looks cute!

This afternoon was the turn of Lewis. He's at Juniors and they don't do nativities any more (shame!), however, his Year had a Christingle service and it was very touching, especially when they turned out the lights and all the children were sat holding their oranges with the candles lit and singing the Christingle song - I must admit I did have a tear in my eye! Unfortunately, the school won't allow you to take photographs or video the service and they don't take any photos so I've got nothing to remember it by.

Got to take the boys to Tae Kwon-do now. Hope to post something later.


Kim said…
Awwww sooooo cute......
Jose said…
What a cute little donkey... I love that nose :-)
** Isa ** said…
My heart is melting............ Cute or what!


Isa x

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