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Where Did That Come From?!!

I must admit, I don't watch alot of TV and try to catch the news and weather when I can, however, must have missed the warning for this completely!

Couldn't believe my eyes when I looked out the window this morning!! I think I've mentioned before that we don't usually get any snow down here on the south coast because we are so very close to the sea so, believe me, it may not look alot to you, but this is an avalanche to us!!

My kids are going to love this when they wake up......just hope the schools open today as I've got tons to do! Will be back tomorrow with a card. Have a great day!


Zoe said…
The Snow looks lovely! We were forecast to get Heavy Snow here in Northampton yesterday at about 3pm but it must have missed us as the sun was shining all day!
Glitter Monkey said…
We had it yesterday babes and we don't get it very often either. I loathe and detest it myself but as you say the kids love it!! It's not so good when you have to travel 17 miles just to get to a shop!! Thankfully ours has all melted now. I am a right kill-joy I know!! Lol Lynn ♥
debby4000 said…
No snow here Guildford but apparently there's snow about half an hour away, hope it stays there and melts.
Dawny P said…
We're snow-less in Chester but yesterday there were hailstones the size of golf balls - no kidding!! Hope you and the dinks enjoy the snow chick xxxxx
Annie said…
thankfully it didn't get to south east Cornwall, not sure if the higher areas inland got any but I think it's all clear and this morning the sun is shining! it is cold though. hugs, annie x
Jose said…
Yes Jo we have a white world too, I hate the stuff so hope it goes quickly.
Hope you test went well this morning, thinking of you
Jose xx
** Isa ** said…
Well hope it's not coming our way. Like you said the kids love it but I don't -especially when it turns into ice and slushy mess!!! I've had enough snow for this year... Come on Spring! Have a great day.

Big hug to you xxx
Erin... said…
I have no idea where this snow is coming from!! We got 16 or so inches monday out of no where!!! Should melt tomorrow though w some rain!! Bring on spring! Hugs
Anonymous said…
wow, that looks picturesque!
Love to see it, but please keep it where you are!!!! lol

Hugs, Marlene x
Anonymous said…
Looks like a good day to stay in!! Stay warm!

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