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Red Nose Day!

Thought I'd pop back and just show what my boys looked like this morning! Just a quick explanation for anyone who doesn't live in the UK - Red Nose Day or Comic Relief is a time for people to do something silly to raise money for charity. My eldest, Lewis decided that apart from buying his red nose, he was going to dye his hair red, go to school in his pyjamas, be tied to his best friend all day, and do a sponsored silence. If you knew my Son, you'd know that the last one was particularly hard for him to do as he never stops talking! Anyway, he managed it.....well done Lewis!

Sam hasn't been very well at all today although he seems a bit brighter now and managed to keep a sandwich down. However, he still managed to put his red nose on this morning and give me a smile!

Hope you all have a great weekend - red noses or not!


Moni said…
Both are sweet with red nose! Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Moni
Anonymous said…
They look fab Jo, hope they had a great day!

Marlene xx
clare said…
aww..well done lewis...and well done sam for putting on your nose and joinin even thou you was not well..but glad to hear your on the mend.
WOW Lewis your hair looks cool sweetie..sounds like you and your friend had fun at school today.
hi Jo thanks for you email earlier..and thanks for sharing your gorgeous pic of your boys x
hope you have a lovely weekend x
hugs clare x
Ila said…
Aww...what Cute fellas you've got!!...Sounds like a they did well...Have a Great Weekend!!...Hugs, Ila
Anonymous said…
wow ...nice
** Isa ** said…
Well done to Lewis for managing his sponsored silence! maybe I should have got Ethan to do the same as the child has constant verbal diahorrea! And hope Sam is felling better today. They both look great. hope you're Ok too Sweetie... have a great weekend

Hugs xxx
Arianne said…
Way to go, Lewis!
I always love to watch the BBc on Red Nose Day. I love how they make charity a fun thing!
We should have something like that here in the Netherlands!
cats whiskers said…
Oh Jo they look so sweet, amd that red hair OMG. Well done Lewis
Hugs Jacqui xx
Jose said…
Sounds like you had a fun day Lewis. Hope you are better now Sam, see you soon
Jose xx
debby4000 said…
What a lovely pair of......noses, no honesty what a lovely boys you have.
~Denise Lynn~ said…
How cute are they! Oh, Jo! They must have had the best time, what a good sport Lewis is, he looks adorable. Hope Sam is feeling better, that red nose seems to have put a smile on his face. Hugs! :)
Alex said…
Such cuties, Jo!! Thanks for sharing, they totally made me smile! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex
Anonymous said…
OMG!! How cute is this!! How fun!! :)

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