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This is a call for all the SBS-13 Sisters who are taking part in the card swap. The majority of replies received wanted to do a single card swap so Vanessa and I will be sorting out the names and e-mailing each of you separately with your Swap Sister's details. Hopefully, you should receive this e-mail tomorrow. You can make any card you want, no theme allocated as we want to break you all in gently!!!! Just to clarify matters, no swap list has been e-mailed to the Sisters taking part, this was the Birthday List which I hope you all received. If you are taking part in the Birthday List and haven't received these details, please e-mail me a.s.a.p.

As there is an odd number of Sisters taking part in the card swap, does anyone fancy having two partners? Please let us know a.s.a.p. as we can't send out the details until this is sorted. Thanks for your patience!! Just to let you know that Jo (Fairymadjo) and Angie will be arranging the next swap.


Lesley said…
Thanks Jo! xxx
nessy said…
thanks jo -sorry if i have confused everyone!! made sense to me, in my little world!!!!
vanessa xx
fairymadjo said…
thanks jo, not had birthday list hun? jo x
She said…
Thanks Jo. xxx

Received my Birthday list. Thank you :-) xxx
nessy said…
nothing wrong with my hair !! had it cut short again as my hairdresser said it was getting "weak"!!! yes i have now got weak hair!!LOL (see the week is getting worse!!)
the only thing wrong with it now is hiding under the duvet with it wet!! who`s fault was that???
so the big LIST tomorrow then!! anyone going for two swops??? may have to toss a coin then!!
vanessa xx
Gia Harvey said…
Thanks Jo, I don't mind doing two swops.
Angie C said…
Hiya Jo,

I've not had the Birthday list either :-(


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