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...well, almost! For people who know me, it's obvious you can't shut me up for long but I was overwhelmed by the number of cards, good wishes, etc., I received for my really are a lovely lot of ladies!!! I've had a lovely day - very peaceful and quiet doing absolutely nothing at all apart from make my birthday cake. I made it for the boys really but did enjoy a piece of it with a coffee this afternoon....lemon cake, my favourite!!!
Last Sunday I had to go to Craft Central for some double-sided tape and took Sam with me (he's six by the way). He had a wander around the shop and when it was time to leave told me that he had seen something he wanted to buy me for my birthday which was £3.99!! He assured me that he had enough in his piggy bank and could I phone Vanessa to ask her to take him back to the shop after school the next day!! I tried to explain that it was too far for Vanessa to come but that if he really wanted to spend his money on me, I would take him the following afternoon after school. So off we went with Lewis on the Monday - I sat in the car while they both went in and shopped.....they were in there for ages and came out with big smiles on their faces. When we got home, they went straight up to Lewis's room and wrapped up the presents. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to see what they had bought with their very own money.

When I got up this morning, they were both already up! Lewis had made breakfast for me on a tray - coffee (with seven spoonfuls of coffee in it!!!), toast and a chocolate cake!!! He had also made the following banner which he had fixed to the wall.....

...bless him, it must have taken him ages to make!! They were so excited and had spread all my cards and presents out, informing me that I was to open theirs last. Well, here's what they got me. First Sam's...

Two cards from him, plus this was his present...

and I got this fabulous card from Lewis...

and all these presents!

Do you like the Painting by Numbers!!! The best thing was what Lewis had written in his card - it read "Hope you have a great day Mum and yes I know that I have got to tell people that you are 24 not 45. Lots of love Lewis"!!!! As if I would tell him to do a thing like that lol!

Now on to the gorgeous cards I received. Thank you so much, they were fabulous and they really made the shop bought ones look so plain and boring!!

Angie's card and Frame

Amy's Card (age 10)

Chris's Card

Annie's Card

Debbie's Card and Images

Deb's Card

Fran's Card and Paper

Denise's Card and Present

Donalda's Card

Heather's Card and Images

Jackie's Card and Phone Charm

Jo's Card and Present

Jose's Card

Katharina's Card

Lee's Card (This was drawn freehand with no rubber stamps used!!)

Leonie's Card

Lynn's Card

Maria's Card

Michelle's Card

She's Card

Sue's Card

Tara's Card

Vanessa's Card

Phew! they took me ages to load so I'm just popping off for a coffee and then I'll be back to announce the blog candy winner!! See you very soon.


~Denise Lynn~ said…

Wow Jo! What a terrific bunch of cards and gifts. Have to say Sam and Lewis's cards are my favorite! What sweet boys you have! That banner Lewis made is just fabulous, what a creative kid! Must take after his mum! :)

Enjoy the rest of your day and all your new goodies! :)
Sharon said…
wow, who's a popular girl then!!
Hope you've had a good birthday.
Sharon :-)x
Suzanne said…
ahh you reduced me to tears with the boys story they really are a credit to you. Fab bunch of cards well deserved you are a very kind person. Sue :o)
Tarasdesigns said…
Happy Birthday Jo, sounds like you've had a fab day and the boys have really done well! Now you big present on Monday to look forward to x
Tarasdesigns said…
Happy Birthday Jo, sounds like you've had a fab day and the boys have really done well! Now you big present on Monday to look forward to x
leann said…
Hope you had a gorgeous, wonderful day hun!!!
My card is in the post, honest! {well, you know me, never on time for anything!}
Love Sam & Lewis's cards ~ aren't they just perfect?!
x x x
Jose said…
What a lovely lot of cards, and super cards from Lewis and Sam, and lovely banner made by Lewis. Hope everything goes to plan on Monday... Jose x
nessy said…
wow jo ,what a fab day you had ,and all those cards and pressies from your friends!!!
well those lovely boys of yours bought a tear to my eye ,with their cards and pressies for you ~ how lovely they love you enough to think of you, with breakfast in bed and a banner and also lie about your age!!
now , your big surprise on monday!! i won`t phone!!LOL
ps sorry i was out when you phoned yesterday (paul said he did explain, never know with men!!)
extra hug today ,vanessa xx
Julia said…
Hope you had a great day Jo. What a lovely lot of cards and gifts you received!
Supermum said…

WOW you lucky, lucky girl - what a gorgeous selection of cards and goodies!! (Ha more stash to hide!)

Hope you had a fab time!
Sue. xxx
Frances said…
wow what great cards but the best has to be from your boys and that fab banner. Urgh, talk about tugging at the heart strings, how adorable are they?! They are a credit to you and you must be so proud of them. Love their presents - especially the painting by numbers!!!!!!

Fran x
Michelle said…
WOW! Look at all those cards!! They are all gorgeous! So glad that you got mine ok and hope you had a lovely day. Your sons are so sweet :0) x

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