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A Quick Hello!

Hi all, just a quickie to let you know I'm still about and that Tony made it home safely on Monday!! You should have seen the kids faces.....they were a picture!! Lewis saw me first and waved and then looked a bit confused until he realised who the person was with me....his jaw dropped open....literally!!! Sam ran straight past Tony....didn't notice him at all until Tony called out his name and he shot into his arms!! Brought a tear to my eye. Still a bit strange as we all get used to living together again! Haven't really spent any time on the computer and haven't had time to do any blogging, however, hope to visit your blogs soon. Will have some cards to share at the weekend and a few things I've received, which I hope to show before then.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my photos and all your good wishes. For those of you wanting to know, I joined a Lighter Life group which is a very low calorie diet and which also gradually re-introduces the different food groups. For all my American blogging buddies, one stone is the equivalent of 14 pounds.
Have eventually got my own laptop now....not a brand new one as I had hoped but Tony has given me his which is only a year old and exactly the same as the one which died so I'd better get it insured pretty quickly in case this one dies on me as well!!
Will be back soon.


Julia said…
Glad to hear you husband arrived home safely and that you all had a great reunion.
Jose said…
Glad Tony got back safely, and a pity you didnt have your camera with you to catch the boys faces.
Catch up with more news soon.... Jose x
kes said…
Glad he arrived home safely. Bought a tear to my eye just reading this.Take care
you never said if Tony recognised you?.
Frances said…
Oo, you surfaced then?!! I didn't send you an email as I thought you'd be busy ;) thank you so much, it was one heck of a candy.

Would have loved to have seen your boys' faces bet you'll have a job just calming them down. Have a lovely week.xx
~Denise Lynn~ said…
Oh Jo, what thrilling news! So happy to hear that Tony is home and safe. The boys must be loving every minute, you too of course! Have fun as a family! :)
Dawny P said…
Sounds like you had a great reunion Jo. Bet your OH loves the new slimline you cos you look fab girl xxx
Donalda's Blog said…
Oh so happy to hear he made it home. Oh just ready your post about made me want to cry. I bet that was a picture. So what did he say about you loosing the weight, I bet he got a big surprise too seeing that. So happy for you dear. Take care and stay in touch when you can
cats whiskers said…
So happy for you Jo. Enjoy your time together
Hugs Jacqui xxx
cats whiskers said…
Hi Jo, Thanks for asking here is the web adrress Hope you join us for our first challenge. I adore PB stamps and we are pleased to see people using the old style as well as the new ones
Hugs Jacqui
Have a good evening
Angie C said…
Hiya Jo,

glad hubby arrived home safely and enjoy some time together :-) I bet the kids faces were pictures - you all must be so happy to be together again after such a long time.
Lauren said…
YAY for family reunion! Enjoy every moment Jo.
Supermum said…
I'm not surprised blogging has been low on your priority list !??!*!
Glad you are all back together!!
Sue. x
fairymadjo said…
oh hun, glad to hear tony is back, bet the boys were soo shocked. huggs jo x

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