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Will Be Back Soon!

Just to let you know that I haven't been able to get a new computer yet...more's the pity, however, in the midst of sorting out Lewis's PC with my software etc. Have been busy with organising Sam's party etc., but have also been able to make a few things which I have photographed and which my friend Jose is editing for me so hope to be able to post my work VERY shortly!! Thanks for all your kind comments and will be up and running again soon. Hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather we've been having...I'm hoping it will stay fine for Monkey World on Saturday!!


Supermum said…
Hope you get up and running soon!

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Card Requests

Been quite busy recently trying to juggle work, home life and the card requests I have received.  This type of card has proved very popular so here are the ones I have made so far...still have a few more projects and cards to complete before I am able to start on my own!

The two 50 cards do look almost identical however, they are for twins!


Here's the last of my Christmas makes...

Birthday Wreath Card

Saw this design on one of AMD TV shows and fell in love with it immediately so set about making two different projects with the same design.
This is the first...

...a birthday card for a friend of mine.  I haven't quite finished the other project so I will show that another day.