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Nightmare of a Day!!

I am having an awful day today....and I mean awful! Won't bore you with everything that's happened to me today but the main thing is my laptop has died on me! I'm using Lewis's computer at the moment which means I can get into my e-mail now and Blogger but can't do alot else until I've sorted it all out. Got an Engineer to look at my laptop and he's pronounced it dead so I thought, being the devious bitch I am!, that's OK, can't afford a new one but I'll tip a cup of hot sweet coffee over it and claim on the contents insurance, until that is, I read the small print in the policy which says, PCs are covered for accidental damage but not laptops!!! I told myself things couldn't get much worse today until some stupid woman nearly crashed straight into us on the way to Tae Kwon-do!!
Basically, this was not meant to be a moan just to let everyone know that I am here but won't be able to post until I sort something out.
On a postive note, I have received some lovely post over the last couple of days from Annie and Fran - thank you ladies! and a big thank you to Jo for the gorgeous card and chocolates (gonna have to save them for when I finish my diet!).
Will be sorting out your images Fran as my stamps arrived today....just wish I had time to play with them.
Anyway, I will keep smiling and will be back soon!


nessy said…
oh no jo!! wondered where you were!! thought you didn`t love me any more!!LOL
hope your get your laptop sorted!!
gosh it`s one thing after another jo!! have to speak soon !!
vanessa xx
Gia Harvey said…
Oh Jo! Sorry to hear your woes! It never rains but it pours!!! Hope you get a new PC soon! Would be lost without mine.
Linda Elbourne said…
Poor you Jo - Hope things get better for you X
Angie C said…
Oh Jo, so sorry to hear about your bad day. Hope you manage to get a new pc sorted soon. In the meantime, sending you some hugs
Jose said…
Sorry to hear about the death in your family!! thank goodness Lewis is letting you use his, hope you manage to get things sorted out soon... Jose x
Suzanne said…
Oh Jo you poor thing. Hope you are all Ok and you manage to get your laptop sorted soon. As the song goes things can only get better!!! Sue :o)
Richelle said…
Oh no Jo!! sorry to hear about your day...hope it goes better. computers...cant live with them cant live without them! LOL
SammieJay said…
Oh, how I feel for you. I did have a minor crash last week (not my fault -some young guys going too fast in theri builder's truck) on the way to a good friend's funeral (only 56and my son has BIG nosebleeds from time to time, often at night and woke me up two night's running with blood all over the bedding: so change the beds at some ungodly hour... he's a sweetie tho'0, 15 and always soooooo apologetic -but it doesn't lead for a smooth running stress free life, does it?!
Keep your pecker up!
fairymadjo said…
oh jo :(hope your back soon, glad choc's came, huggs jo x
Kim said…
Oh god your having a week of it, like me, chin up girl, will all work out in the end...
Supermum said…
Oh dear.....bless ya! I bet you feel like your right arm's been cut off! Lets hope that's an end to your woes!
My hubby hates computers and when you hear stories like this - you can see why! Very fustrating!! Hope you are up and running again soon.
{{{{Sue.}}}} x x
Joanne said…
Oh Dear! Sorry to hear about your day - hope things improve quickly! Can sympathise with your computer problems - I felt quite lost when my laptop died last year! Hope you can get something sorted out soon.
Lesley said…
Hope you get sorted out soon! xxx

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