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Look What I Got!

Hi all! Starting to get myself together again......haven't done any crafting this week apart from my DT work for Stamp Something which I will post tomorrow, however, had a bit of a "get organised" day today and started sorting my stamps out. Mounted all my new High Hopes which arrived last week and stamped each and every one of them and then scanned them to my computer. Also did the same for my Bellas (although there's no so many of those lol!) and my Penny Blacks. Sugar Nellies are planned for tomorrow although I keep looking at my Magnolias and then putting them back again.....really didn't think I had THAT many and nearly half of them have never been used!! Do you think I may have a problem ? lol!!!!

Anyway, would like to share the award I received three times!! It really did cheer me up to know I've got such good blogging buddies out there, as I have been feeling a little down in the mouth lately!!

I received this from three ladies (and I use the term loosely!!! only joking!) who not only are extremely talented but also make me giggle - Fran, Vanessa and Sue - thanks so much girls :)

Now I'm probably going to get this all wrong as it's 9.00 pm and I'm running very late and need to get the kids to bed and I don't have time to look up the rules. However, I think you have to award it to four of your regular blog visitors and one new(ish) visitor from abroad, so as Fran, Vanessa and Sue have all received this award, thought I'd pass it on to Denise, Dawny P, Maureen, Jose and Alex (only recently got to know Alex through Stamp Something but what a generous and talented lady she is!)

Must go now but will definitely be back tomorrow with something to show.


Dawny P said…
awww thank you Jo - that is really nice of you and I so appreciate it. Big hugs xxxxxxx
nessy said…
i can say i am a "lady"!!~don`t know about the others???
thanks for the e-mail ~was amazed ~ must have taken hours ~ will be in touch!!
big hugs, vanessa xx
Jose said…
Thank you Jo, not sure I deserve it, but I appreciate it. Off on my travels today, will email in reply to yours this evening
Love Jo
Dawny P said…
And now I got something for YOU over at my place and it is yummy xxxx
~Denise Lynn~ said…
You are too sweet Jo! Thanks for this wonderful award and right back at you! :) Hope you've had a good week. Been busy here, crazy weather too. Not much time for blogging, hoping to email you this weekend though. :)

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