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Lucky Me!!

No, I haven't won the Lottery, although I live in hope lol!! However, I did receive this award last week from the lovely Sue - thanks so much Sue and sorry I'm so late in posting this but I'm sure you'll understand the reasons, and I'm sending it right back to you 'cause I love your blog as well!!

Right, I've got to pass this on to seven blogs which I love and that is an impossible task! However, will pick out seven even though there are so many more!! Because I am late posting this, I think alot of you have already received this so please don't feel obliged to pass it on if you've already done it. I'm choosing the following blogs because their work really inspires me and they also bring a smile to my face! Dawn, Denise, Fran, Ila, Jose, Sue and Vanessa.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.


Supermum said…
Thanks Jo!! Glad we keep you smiling!
Sue. x
Ila said…
Thank you so much for this Award Jo! I'm so pleased...I love your blog too!!..Big Hug, Ila
Suzanne said…
You are so welcome thinking of you!!! Sue :o)
~Denise Lynn~ said…
Wow Jo! Fabulous award that you so deserve. You're work is fantastic and always inspiring! :) Thanks so much for passing it on to me, I'm honored!

I've been thinking about you, hope all is going well. Huge hugs from me! :)
Frances said…
Aww thanks Jo, you shouldn't have, really ;)!! Glad you're still smiling. Hugs x
Jill said…
congratulations on your award your cards are amazing and you deserve this award Hugs Jill x
Linda Elbourne said…
Congarts on the award Jo - you really do deserve it X
nessy said…
thankyou jo for my award ~out of all the people you visit ~you picked little old me!!
will now make sure i do my post, with my award!!!(smacked wrists)
vanessa xx
nessy said…
have done it ~and i am sending the award right back to you!!
vanessa xx

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