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It's the first time I've taken part in WOYWW and as you can see my desk is a bit of a mess. Plenty of images (mainly Whimsy and LOTV)which I've just started to colour. A couple of cases of Promarkers open at the moment (currently working on skin and hair!), however, my desk will start to get really untidy once I start on the other colours as I never seem to put the pens away when I've finished with them, despite my best intentions!


Sarah said…
That looks like a perfectly normal desk to me hun!! I think we all get like that. I've been sat having a colouring session too but not on my desk, i've been using a laptray in the lounge so my pens are scattered everywhere!

Sarah xx :0)
Lou said…
I am another newbie, your desk looks just fab to me, i colour at my desk, on a laptray in the living room even in bed so often have a few pens scattered all over the house.
May said…
Welcome, be warned it's addictive having a snoop around the worlds crafty desks, love all your images and colouring x x Hugs May x x x
Brenda B said…
Lol if you want to see a bit if a mess I suggest you visit Hels at 106!! loved the earlier photos of the room, looks really pretty and light filled. Welcome too, btw.

Brenda 104
505whimsygirl said…
Hi there Jo,

Welcome to WOYWW! It's addicting, I'm afraid. ;-)

Your desk is very tidy compared to mine.

WOYWW #117
Deb said…
Looks like a lot of colouring going on there, love your wallpaper, so pretty!
happy WOYWW, Deb #132
Karen said…
Hello Jo and welcome to WOYWW :) I hope you enjoy it as I am sure you will, but be warned it is very addictive LOL!!

A lovely, crafty, creative desk and I love your stamped images and the colouring :)

Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #86
Katie said…
Congratulations on your first WOYWW! It gets addicting! Your desk looks wonderful, and I love the card you made in the post above as well!

Happy WOYWW! Katie #16
Katie said…
Love those pretty images! Your desk is fabulous!

Katie (112)
Welcome, looks like a pretty great project with your colouring. Time just flies by and I take my breaks by doing WOYWW. It's fun and lots of neat blogs beyond the postings of desks. Enjoy and Happy WOYWW
sandee said…
oh a WOYWD virgin! lol It's a fun group isn't it? We get to allow ourselves to be nosy and peep into all sorts of rooms across the world!
Beckyt said…
welcome to WOYWW its so addictive. I love the images and coloring, my pro markers always end up all love the place when I am crafting too :)


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