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Birthday Cards and a RAK!

So sorry it's taken me so long to photograph the gorgeous cards I received for my birthday, however, had a whole weekend of scrapping which in any other circumstances would be really enjoyable. However, think you know what I'm like when I have a deadline to complete a scrapbook! Anyway, Lewis's London book had to be handed in yesterday (Monday) and of course on Friday evening we had only completed approximately two pages!! I had to work Saturday morning so once I got home, it was all systems go and spent the entire weekend working on it. Sunday morning I was up at 7.30 am and didn't get to bed until 12.45 when I had finished it!! I'm afraid I can't show you any photos for a couple of weeks as being the dozey mare that I am, I forgot to photograph it and believe me I was not in the mood for taking pictures at quarter to one in the morning lol!!

Back to those beautiful cards I they are......

Denise also very kindly sent me one of her Whimsy stamps - the giraffe and so many stamped images - thank you Denise, that really is so nice of you - and thank you also to Jose for your 'enclosure' - much appreciated!

Last but certainly not least, I received this gorgeous card from Clare which was part of a RAK. Sorry I haven't photographed it all but there were images, card, flowers, etc. Thank you so much Clare, it really was so sweet of you :)


Anonymous said…
Holy Cow!! How lucky you are!! What a gorgeous collection of cards here! :)
~Denise Lynn~ said…
Sounds like a busy weekend, but fun too! Happy that my card arrived, hope it wasn't too late after your special day. Have a great week Jo, speak soon. :)
nessy said…
oh wow jo ~what beautiful cards you had for your birthday from your friends!
sounds like you had a very busy weekend ~ should have got going on that earlier girly!!!.. i know one of those jobs to do tomorrow!!
hope you are ok
hugs, vanessa xx
Ila said…
Wow!! these are all Gorgeous RAKs!!...Have a Lovely Weekend Jo!!...Hugs, Ila
jennyv said…
Beautiful cards. Great job!!!!
Frances said…
Hi Jo,

have been around lurking just not commenting as much these days ;) Hope you had a good birthday and I'm 'last' too when it comes to deadlines! I'm sure the scrapbook looks amazing- look forward to seeing it when it gets back! Fran x
Anonymous said…
hi mum grat blog but can i still please have a dog please?

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