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Can You Spot the (not so deliberate) Mistake!!

Oh, I've done it again! Made a couple more cards which were on my 'to do' list and managed to forget to photograph one doh! Anyhow, here's one of the two I did photograph! Can you spot my mistake? It's pretty obvious to me now although at the time, I was in such a rush I didn't realise where I had gone wrong - I've made Tilda look like she's only got one arm! I thought the other one was part of her top! I made this card for a friend of mine so I zipped it and hoped she wouldn't notice......which she didn't!

Can you believe I've had this stamp for absolutely ages and this is the first time I've inked it up! Coloured Tilda with PM's with a little Sakura glitter pen on her wings, papers are from Blonde Moments, ribbon is from East of India and chipboard numbers have been painted with my own mixture of acrylic paint with some Lil Davis sparkle stuff added as the final layer!

Must put yet more washing on so will be back soon with the other card.


Jackie said…
Well done Mrs.....I didn't notice LOL

Did you get the 'Eunice' images I sent you? :)
Sam said…
LOL, have done that myself recently with a Manga Girl stamp. I thought it was a bit strange along the hairline, and it wasn't until I photographed it I realised that the triangle in question was not hair but the face separated from the rest of the face image by the eyebrow!
Hope you had a good weekend.
Sam x
Jose said…
Lovely card Jo, and if you hadnt mentioned about the mistake I wouldnt have noticed it.
See you soon
Jose xx

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