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Meet Noodles!

Just popping by to say Hi and to let you know I will have a card to show soon - it was Sam's birthday on Saturday so had a busy and fun weekend. However, forgot to photograph the card I made him so will try to do that soon so I can put it on my blog. In the meantime, I would like to introduce the newest member of our family - Noodles (Sam's choice of name, not mine!).

I think I near enough blinded the poor little fella when I took this photo earlier this evening pmsl! We've already had a couple of mishaps with him since Saturday, one certain Son of mine let him out of his cage on Saturday.....mentioning no names LEWIS! and I learned one vital lesson - don't stand up when holding the hamster because when they try to escape, they bounce off the furniture as they fall!! Seriously, the hamster is fine and wasn't hurt. Sam thinks he so cool and they call him James Bond because of his antics.....personally, I think he's more like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.......

Sorry the photo isn't so good but I turned the flash off just in case I gave him a heart attack....poor little fella has been through alot since moving in with us!!! Basically, he gets up on the roof of his little house and crawls upside down on the roof of his cage and when he gets stuck or too tired to hang on, he just drops!!

I suppose I'd better show a photo of the Birthday Boy.....bless him, he was so excited and had a lovely day....just can't believe my baby is seven!

Anyway, must get to bed now as I've got work in the morning......God, it sounds so good saying that! Will be back soon.


Ila said…
Happy Birthday to your son...and Noodles is just the cutest!!...Hugs, Ila
Stamps & Paper said…
Wow that cake looks lovely.......any left overs?? I'm sure your son will love looking after his hamster I remember the days when our girls had them.....

nessy said…
hope you hada great birthday sam ~love the photos jo ~hope all is well with you
hugs, vanessa xx
Jose said…
Look like Noodles has settled in, I am sure Sam will look after him :)
I bet all that cake is gone by now!
Jose xx
fairymadjo said…
hi jo,
i hope sam had great day :).
i think the hamster has a great name lol.
huggs jo x
~Denise Lynn~ said…

Hope life is good for you! Sorry I haven't been by in a while, things have been crazy. Love Sam's little friend, cute name too. Hope they have lots of fun together.

Hugs! :)
Jackie said…
Belated happy birthday Sam :)

I hope you're all ok, will drop you an email over the weekend. :)

Love the star card.....I've got one to make and I've never made one before!
Take care. xx
LuLu said…
Loving that shot of your hamster Noodles climbing on the roof. Had to show my son Aaron who was so pleased that another hamster does this as well ! He was beginning to think that his hamster "Jimmy" was losing the plot !
Alex said…
Happy birthday to your son - he shares a birthday with MY son who turned 15 on Saturday!! Noodles is a cute name! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex
Sarah said…
Aww, I'd forgotten how cute hamsters are! One of mine escaped through the bars on the first night..! Found it behind the book case nibbling the electrical wires!!
Looks like Sam had a good day and the cake looks delicious!
xx :0)

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