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So Sweet!

I mentioned in my last post that I was baking a cake for the boys - they're doing star charts at the moment to get them into the routine of carrying out chores and being nice to each other!! so once they reached twenty stars, I said I would get them a treat and here it is.....

Now doesn't that make your teeth go on edge lol! Not my sort of cake but I know the boys will love it! the main chocolate sponge is my creation, however, the decoration is down to Tony who helped out. We've got Aero Bubbles, Minstrels, Jelly Hearts, Teeth and Toothbrushes, one lonely marshmallow and hundreds and thousands!! Only trouble is, the kids will go OTT when they've eaten a piece of it but they do deserve it as they've worked really hard to get their stars!


nessy said…
wow ~can i have a piece?? ~well done sam and lewis
~ maybe try the chart with my two ~ tried all the others!!
hope the boys are finding school ok!! aaron started "big" school and lewis to year 1 ~how time flies!
vanessa xx
Jilli said…
Flippin' heck Jo that looks gorgeous ... save me a slice ... just looking at it is making my mouth water ... i have drool all over my craft mat PMSL! mwah's Jillix
Linda Elbourne said…
It is definitely my sort of cake ... what a fab idea and what a fab cake X
debby4000 said…
Oh what a fabulous cake and what a brilliant idea for a treat. Much better idea than money or toys.
My Little Space said…
oh wow, how good does that look Jo!! I have to say I would love the topping....I love sweets !!

Sam said…
YUMMY..... wish I lived nearer, would come in for a slice. Bet its all gone now tho if your house is anything like ours.
Jose said…
WOW! Jo thats a cake and a half with all those decorations, bet its all gone now
Jose xx
Michelle Ramsay said…
Oh wow that is certainly making my tummy grumble. Hope they enjoyed it.

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