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Life is so Hectic!!

Well, I've finally managed to find time to do a posting.....still no card to share but have sorted some stuff out and hope to put one together tonight, all being well!

The weather has changed today.....strong winds and rain....such a difference from the weekend where it was absolutely gorgeous.....even managed to lie out in my bikini and top up my tan! Finished the weekend off with a gorgeous roast dinner (my favourite!) - I'll let you into a little secret.....Tony's gravy is to die for!

Anyway, enough of the ramblings and back to business! Have received some lovely things over the last few weeks so it's catch up time. Firstly, Michelle organised a Secret Sister swap and look what I got.......

....lots of lovely goodies to play with and the fabulous folder is filled with lots of stamped images!So, a BIG thank you to whoever my Secret Sister is. I should find out soon as I think I've delayed things a bit!!

I've also received two awards over the last couple of always brings a smile to my face to know that people think of me when handing these out. This is the one I received from Debi.....I'm so sorry Debi that it's taken me so long to put it on my blog....really hope you understand :0)

I also received this award from Trina.....thanks so much Trina!

PLUS(!!!) I've also been tagged by Trina and Lesley so if you girls don't mind, can I think about that one and will get back to you with my answers?

Must get on now as I've got a friend popping round and wanted to try a layout for a card before she arrives. Will be back soon.


fairymadjo said…
hi hun, glad to see you back , ohh roast dinner,yummmmy my fav.lok forwad to seeing what you make huggs jo x

ohh great goodies you got
Supermum said…
Hey Jo, you don't have to tell me about wind and rain - I got to work looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards - why I spend an hour getting ready I'll never know!!
Anyway, I take it from your posts
(and gravy comment) things are on the up?
Nice to see you back!
Take care.
Sue. x
Tarasdesigns said…
Hi Jo, thanks for the lovely comments and I hope everything is going OK for you. fab goodies x
Trina said…
Wow Jo, you got quite a haul there!! I hope that things are going better with you! If you are to busy, don't worry about the tag at all, I'm just glad to see you back again!
Angie C said…
Hiya Jo, good to see you back again. What a lovely gift you received and well done on your awards too

ink'n'rubba said…
good to see you still around Jo, and hope things are getting better for you. I look forward to seeing you card crafting again very soon. hugs, annie x
nessy said…
mmmmmmmm roast dinner sounds good ~so glad you had another family weekend!!
congrats on your awards
vanessa xx
Michelle said…
What lovely SS goodies, that folder is gorgeous as are the goodies! I have forgotten everyone's secret sister so the reveal will be on the 16th! x

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